The Freja Dress

March was a hectic month but I was pleased to complete a project which was on my list – The Freja Dress from Simply Sewing Magazine.

I’ve been swooning over many of the lovely pinafore patterns that have been around over the last couple of years, but opted for this one due to its A line style skirt. Continue reading


Spinning Wheel!

spinning_wheelMeet my most recent random purchase!  To be honest, I’ve been keeping a lookout for a spinning wheel for well over a year, but as I’ve never used one, didn’t want to cough up too much money on a brand new one. Continue reading

Welcome to the Clobber Creations YouTube Channel!

Many people find it hard to listen to themselves on a recording and I definitely fit into that category!  Unfortunately, I was never any good at acting at school, and even when I worked in a call centre, my supervisor used to mark my calls down for being flat!  It used to be awful listening back to calls with customers, but at least there were no graphics to accompany the awkward voice.

Youtube is a different matter!  While I’m intrigued by the background elements – setting up the microphone, lighting, focusing the camera… I try to avoid talking or appearing on it.  However, I’ve reached a point where a few busy projects have come to an end and my partner is nudging me in the direction of video. Continue reading